The Beautiful Star Necklace

One sunny day, Leanne and Mika, two best friends, were walking down the road. They were walking hand in hand and laughing merrily as they walked. They were on their way home to the cabin they both shared in the camp. Both have grown to like each other well as they shared the activities the camp had set out for all the children.

The cabin was just around the corner when Leanne saw something glittering just under the bushes. It reflected the rays from the sun. That was the reason she noticed it at once.

Bending over to take a closer look, Leanne saw that it was a necklace. On the long, gold chain of the necklace, hang a star.  The star had many-colored glasses that sparkled brightly under the sun.

Leanne squealed with delight. “Look Mika. Look at what I found lying under the bushes.”

Mika inched closer to Leanne to check on the object. “That is such a beautiful necklace, Leanne. I wonder who it belongs to.” Mika said.

I don’t know, and I don’t care. It’s mine now because I found it.” Leanne replied.

“Oh No,” Mika replied. “Someone must have lost it and is certainly looking for it. We should find who owns it and give it back.”

“I do not want to give it away. Whoever lost it did not take care of it. It is so pretty, and I want it.” Leanne answered.

Mika did not want to argue with her friend. But inside, she knew that it was wrong. She felt sorry for the person who owned it. It looked like a beautiful necklace. Surely no one would have lost it on purpose.  She tried one more time to convince her friend about finding the owner of the necklace.

“Leanne let us take it to Mrs. Robins. She will know what to do with it.” Mika tried once more.

Leanne became angry with her friend. She thought that friends should standby each other. She did not know why Mika wanted to find the owner of the necklace. She thought Mika wanted it for herself too.

“It’s mine now. I found it.  Why don’t you leave me alone?” Leanne shouted angrily at her friend.” Then grabbing the chain, she ran to the cabin and left Mika standing by the side of the road.

Mika was surprised at her friend’s reaction. She just wanted to do the right thing. She felt like crying. Leanne has never shouted at her before. She decided to remain silent about the necklace. She started walking back to the cabin to look for her friends, Gabe and Rafael.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Leanne was sitting by her bed. She looked at the necklace longingly. It was so beautiful, and she genuinely wanted to keep it. She was also feeling sorry for shouting at Mika.

Suddenly, Leanne remembered when she lost her favorite pom-pom back home. It was her mother’s gift for her on her birthday. She looked everywhere and could not find it. She cried her heart out over those pom-pom. Her mommy promised to buy new ones. Leanne wanted the pom-pom that she lost.

“Oh no.” Leanne thought. “Whoever lost this necklace must be feeling sad too.”

It was a tough decision to make but Leanne knew exactly what to do next .  She left her room in search of Mika. She wanted to tell Mika how sorry she was for shouting at her earlier. Leanne also wanted Mika to help her get Mrs. Robins.

As Leanne stepped out the door of her cabin, she saw Mrs. Robins talking to tiny little girl. The little girl was crying. Mrs. Robins was trying to calm the sad little girl beside her.

Leanne was curious why the little girl was crying. She approached Mrs. Robins and asked her.

Mrs. Robins told Leanne why the girl was crying. Pointing to the little girl, Mrs. Robins said. “She lost her necklace. She cannot find them anywhere.  The necklace is important to her. Her daddy gave it to her before he went to war. It has a star on it with colored stones. Her daddy said that when she is lonely, the star would remind her of her daddy.   Now she cannot find it, and she feels so sad.”

Leanne feels guilty. She looked at the little girl who was crying. She felt like crying too. Holding out the necklace in her hand, she said. “Do not cry little girl. Here is your necklace. I found it by the bushes in the road.”

The little girl screamed in delight when she saw the necklace. Taking it from Leanne, she whispered, “Thank you. Now I won’t miss my daddy so much.”

Leanne was glad she returned the necklace. She remembered how sad she felt when she lost something truly dear to her. She did not want anyone else to feel sad that way.

Leaving the little girl and Mrs. Robins, Leanne went in search of her friend Mika. Mika was outside playing in the yard with Gabe and Rafael. When Mika saw Leanne approaching, she stopped and waited for her friend to come near.

“Mika I am truly sorry for shouting at you. I found the little girl who owned the necklace. I gave it back to her. Her daddy gave it to her before he left. I am glad I returned it because she was so sad about losing it.”

“It alright Leanne,” Mika said.  I’m not angry. I knew that you were going to do the right thing. It was a beautiful necklace. I understand why you wanted it. I am glad that you made the right choice and returned it.”

Leanne smiled at her bright young friend. She knew that Mika understood. But Leanne learned something even more important today. She learned that there are some choices that are difficult to make. But she also knew in her heart that when she made the right choice, she felt even happier than when she found the necklace.

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