The Unicorn and the Mermaid

In a land called Faraway, nestled in a valley between two huge mountains, there lived a little boy named Gabe. He was a sweet little soul with curly hair that reached to his shoulders. When he smiled his sweet little smile, it was like the sun peeking through the mountains of Faraway land.

Gabe was a happy boy playing with his wooden toys made by his daddy. His mommy would sing softly as she made their dinner where a pot of stew hung by the kitchen furnace. Gabe’s daddy would come in from a long day’s work in the field.  They would eat their dinner together and told stories that made Gabe laugh so hard. Gabe loved it the most when all three of them were together.

One day, a dark and evil shadow entered their house and took his mommy and daddy away. Gabe did not understand why. His kind grandfather came and lived with Gabe because he was too young to be alone by himself.

But Gabe was not the same happy little boy that he used to be. He became sad and fearful. He would go about his house all day long wishing to see his mommy and daddy once again. He missed them so much. He refused to sleep all alone in his room because he feared that the dark and evil shadow will come and get him too.

He slowly became a sick and thin little boy with sad little eyes that constantly flowed with tears. His grandfather worried about him so.

His grandfather knew that Gabe missed his mommy and daddy so much. He called Gabe and sat him across his knee and he said, “I know how much you miss your mommy and daddy. They are here although you cannot see them. If you look with your heart and not with your eyes, I am sure you will see them.”

That night as Gabe lay in his bed, he thought hard about what his grandfather said. “If I look with my heart and not with my eyes, I will see mommy and daddy again.”

Gabe closed his eyes tightly and tried to look with his heart instead. The wind started blowing gently and the tree beside Gabe’s bedroom cast different shapes on the wall beside his bed. Gabe opened his eyes and there on the wall was a shape that looked strangely familiar. The shape on the wall shimmered and shone brightly. It became a white shiny horse with a horn on its head that spiraled to a pointy end. It had a beard that looked like a goat’s growing from its chin. It looked so strong and majestic standing inside his bedroom.

Gabe was not afraid because he knew in his heart that it was his daddy.

The shiny white horse spoke with a kind gentle voice and said, “Hello there son, I came to visit because I know that you have been lonely. I am a unicorn living in a magical place with your mommy. Someday, you will join us there. But we want you to be happy while we are gone and grow up to be the best person that you can be.”

Another shape took form in the wall and shimmered and shone just like the unicorn. Soon a beautiful mermaid appeared. In his heart Gabe knew that this was mommy.

Mommy spoke with her singsong voice and said, “Gabe it was hard for us to leave you behind but it was time for us to go.  You have to promise and try to be happy because we worry when we see you so sad.”

Daddy Unicorn spoke again, “All you need to do every time you feel lonely is close your eyes and look with your heart and we will come to you.”

“Alright,” Gabe replied. “I will try to be happy and be the best little boy that I can be so that I can grow up to be a good person just like you.”

Soon daddy unicorn and mommy mermaid disappeared into the night and Gabe was all alone in his bed. But he was not so sad anymore. He knew that his mommy and daddy will always be there for him to see if he looked with his heart.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into years. Gabe grew to be a fine young man. He never forgot the unicorn and the mermaid who came to visit him when he was a child.

One night as he lay in bed, when there was no moon, but instead a million stars in the sky, daddy unicorn and mommy mermaid came to fetch him.  It was time for them to be together once again.

So kids, when you look at the night sky and see a flying horse with a mermaid on its back and a little boy holding tightly, that is Gabe with his mommy and daddy flying into the magical land where they lived together happily ever after.


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